Nothing out of the blue.

Nothing in the red.

Raise your expectations

Cooper Project Advisors is an Owner’s Representative and Facilities Management firm with the experience and expertise you need to ensure the success of your building project. Unbiased and independent, we work solely for you. Free from any conflict of interest, we are your advocate and trusted advisor. As your representative, we provide the leadership, team building, oversight, accountability, and project controls that get your project started off right and keep it on track from start to finish.

About Us

Successful projects don’t just happen. They must be managed with intensity and expertise. Our project advisor’s job is to manage the countless details that arise daily. We’ve seen it before and, on your behalf, bring years of experience to bear on every project challenge that develops.

Our Guiding Principles

Clients First

Always your advocate, ally and trusted advisor.


Professional unbiased advice. No preconceptions, no favorites.


You can hold us to our word and we will ensure all project team members fulfill theirs.


Our relationships with vendors, contractors, and suppliers helps us build a team of resources on your behalf.