Owner Representatives

What is an Owner’s Rep?

An Owner’s Rep is an experienced professional hired by a project Owner to represent and protect his interests in all matters related to a building project. Independent and free from any conflict of interest, an Owner’s Rep provides the unbiased advice and guidance Owners need to make high-quality decisions about their project. Owner’s Reps provide a high level of focus and attention to your project and a degree of expertise that ensures a project’s success.

Why Use an Owner’s Rep?

Successful projects don’t just happen. Research shows that over 70% of projects finish over-budget and late. The Journal of Construction Engineering and Management reports that poorly managed projects have cost overruns of 11%. Well managed projects are planned, a plan that takes into account the many and often conflicting challenges Owners face. These include budget and schedule constraints, board and stakeholder expectations, program and user needs, and creation of an effective project team.

Owner Representative Services

Project Start-Up

  • Review and articulate
  • Owner’s project goals
  • Develop the initial project budget and schedule
  • Review financing alternatives
  • Determine the project delivery method
  • Review contract alternatives
  • Develop and distribute RFP/RFQ documents
  • Design team selection
  • Construction firm selection
  • Identification and selection of additional consultants needed.
  • Contract development and negotiation

Project Management Set-Up

  • Develop communication and reporting procedures
  • Determine Owner points of contact and decision making process
  • Owner Meeting schedules
  • Board expectations
  • Create project SharePoint site

Construction Phase

  • Buy-out process oversight
  • Review contractor’s bid package preparation & distribution strategy
  • Review bonds and insurance
  • Bid review and analysis
  • Contract and/or GMP proposal review & recommendation
  • Monitor project schedule
  • Monitor and update overall project budget
  • Attend job coordination meetings
  • Monitor status of inspections
  • Review monthly progress billings
  • Review change orders

Site Related Services

  • Analyze alternate sites
  • Review zoning and planning issues
  • Attend neighborhood, zoning and planning approval meetings
  • Obtain soil tests and surveys

Project Team Development

  • Team building strategies & events
  • Project kick-off meeting
  • Team communication strategies and processes

Design Phase Services

  • Develop and monitor design schedule
  • Review design documents
  • Review specifications
  • Conduct constructability reviews
  • Define permitting process and responsibilities
  • Oversee contractor cost estimates
  • Monitor and update overall project budget
  • Identify phasing alternatives
  • Review general conditions costs

Project Closeout

  • Punch list review
  • Final permits and inspections
  • Oversee systems commissioning