Noble Research Institute

Demolition and renovations

Ardmore, Oklahoma 

The 54,000sf renovation of Building E will repurpose existing laboratories into office and collaborative spaces. The renovation provides space for each group’s current staff, along with 40% growth. In addition to office spaces for these groups, collaborative spaces will include several Agile Studios, flexible huddle areas, and multipurpose meeting rooms that can be divided or combined for large sprint reviews, team meetings, or events. The first floor will house a kitchenette/coffee bar that serves occupants of Building E along with the rest of campus. A new receiving suite and bench top laboratory space are planned for testing field samples. The renovation also plans on various building envelope and exterior architectural enhancements. The existing atrium skylight will be removed and replaced with a new top-lighting strategy. The southern staff entry will be adjusted to align with the new interior circulation system. A new building entry, as well as a re-imagining of the exterior architecture around the building entry is planned. In addition to these exterior envelope and structural modifications re-roofing is planned as part of this project. Construction will begin 2024.


Owner:  Noble Research Institute

Architect:  FSB Architects + Engineers

Contractor: Nabholz Construction